Video is the heart and soul of my life. I’ve been involved with it since found out what a camcorder was. Yes that’s right, those devices with the tapes . . . anyway I progressed into making my own videos and devices and always taking challenging and new approaches to telling a story using videography. 

Information about your love story

Hello from Feed the Giant,

It is my goal throughout the day to capture the essence of what makes you a couple. I will capture every angle I can to create a cinematic story that sums up your day, full of emotion, happiness, and joy. This is an exciting time for you and maybe a little nerve racking. Rest assured knowing you will have a video that lasts forever. Keep in mind every wedding is different. 

Your Love Story

Pricing and Information

Drones are always included for the venue unless prohibited. I think you deserve the best quality footage so I didn’t include it in the descriptions.