Sometimes I find myself staring at a wall, a major block between my creative ambition and the solution on the other side. When I first began my adventure within the 3D realm, I was a old soul in a kid’s body. I had always thought that creating something that lives in 3 dimensions is mind blowing. I found the work of M.C. Escher to be among one of my favorites. Nonetheless when computers began to get faster and faster, 3D became more accessible. I had never thought that this technology would be readily available for the public. I was dead wrong. After discovering many 3D modeling applications, the grand idea of showing a space in 3D changed my world. The Matterport was readily available here and now. So from my experience here are 5 Major reasons why if your not using Matterport already, you should be.




#1 Real Estate

This one is relatively simple. I’m sure at Matterport’s inception realtors were drooling and their mouths hung wide open. What a perfect way to show a place 24/7. As of this moment there really isn’t a better way. For instance if you are selling property in Indiana, and someone from Idaho can look at it without actually being there . . . that is some powerful stuff, don’t you think? I work with realtors on a regular basis creating video content as well as scanning but you can bet that this is a game changer. I have heard many stories of people buying homes before they ever step foot in it. This amazing technology changes all that and therefore makes it a huge asset. Just check out a few of my models here:

#2 It is Growing

The cool thing about newer technologies such as this is that it is growing and it keeps 

growing. Matterport is constantly adding different features, functions and pieces to enhance the experience. People are pushing the boundaries of what they can do, and if they can’t do it how can they get closer. I’ve spoke with their friendly support staff many times and although on some occasions I got the cranky rep but most of the time they were happy to help and encouraged me to try new things with it. The technology is growing and doesn’t show any sign of stopping.


#3 People love it!

I am a bit bias on this but everyone I have talked to has said that this technology is “pretty cool” or “awesome” or “woah” or . . . they just don’t say anything because it is mind blowing. Check out my Facebook comments I like to expose people to the tech because most haven’t seen it before. The people I show it to are amazed, and I was amazed at how much they love it. 

You would think that a 

technology such as this would be made for Desktops, although you might get the biggest screen there but mobile devices handle it extremely well. The Matterport crew knew what they were getting themselves into and took 

advantage of it. Although this statistic is global, nearly 52% in 2018 were mobile users. Here is the data Most of the time when I am showing potential customers the ability of it, I’m using my phone.


#4 Documentation? 

That’s right, documentation, the Matterport is able to capture nearly everything in every area inside a building. For instance would it be useful to someone if they had their house scanned almost as a record, a upgrade from a blueprint that shows you where every wall, nook and cranny sits. Imagine if you were a business looking to redesign your entire facility and you wanted to higher a designer to do it. All the designer would need is your beautiful 3D Matterport capture and it’s off to the races. The models generated can also be turned into what are called .obj files which are somewhat a CAD file for 3d programs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep track of progress made while you were away during a construction project? Just some food for thought.


#5 Cost and ROI

To be honest as a business or a service, it is fairly inexpensive. It is possible that you could make your money back by scanning for your clients. For instance in real estate if you have a $200,000 house and you decide to scan it, and that converts into a sale then there you go. You just paid for your Matterport and probably some extra I would imagine. Matterport claims that with a 3D view the potential buyers are 95% more likely to call and 300% more engaged in your space. Check that out here.



Above All

Never think that this would eliminate the relation between you and a buyer. In fact use it as a method to attract others to the excitement, satisfy your seller and bridge the gap. If you think this might be something you are interested in, please email me at or leave a comment below: